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Become a 100X Leader

A Leader Worth Following

the journey

The best leaders in the world lead themselves to higher levels by calibrating support and challenge to themselves and their teams. We call them 100X Leaders – leaders who are moving towards 100% health and who have learned how to multiply what they know into the lives of those they lead.


To explain this, we use the metaphor of a Sherpa on Mt. Everest. The Sherpa people have a genetic predisposition to higher altitudes which means they can climb higher and longer than normal climbers. They actually have the ability to lead themselves and others up the mountain.


This is what defines a leader — doing their work
while helping others do theirs for the benefit of all.


To become a leader worth following, the journey starts with you. You must first BECOME.  In order to become the best version of yourself you must be willing to know yourself. We will provide the mirror.

Then you must lead yourself towards 100% health. We will provide the direction, tools and support.


Next you must BUILDMultiply what you have learned on your personal journey within every circle of influence you have.


Then, you are truly ready to LEAD.

Are you healthy enough for the climb? Try this free assessment

To become 100X Leader as an Individual or Group

get the book!

“This book has the ability to transform lives! It is an empowering read providing helpful tools of self-discovery to not only help us become better versions of ourselves, but also to help us do the same for others.”

Terry O’Regan

Managing Director, Biogen UK and Ireland

“As a leader who finds support very easy due to my personality type, this book has shone a light on how that is not enough. Through tools like the Support-Challenge Matrix, it has shown me that high challenge is also required. If you really want to inspire your teams to greatness, read this book, take an honest look at yourself and apply the tools within.” 

Debra Searle

MVO, MBE; Global Adventurer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“The 100X Leader takes us on a journey from the bottom to the top of the ‘Leadership Mt. Everest,’ cleverly using the Sherpa as a guide. If you are ready for a game changing expedition, this book is a must-read.”

Molly Fletcher

CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author

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