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Communication Solved

Discover Your Voice


The 5 Voices System (5VS) is based on the internationally recognized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory, and is designed to take the complexity out of understanding 16 personalities, by grouping the personality profiles into 5 shared motivation and communication styles that we call "Voices".  The unique combinations of voice order, lend great insight into how individuals bring their contribution to everything they do. 


5VS was created by world-renown MBTI expert Steve Cockram and leadership expert Jeremie Kubicek, who recognized that team communication is the key to successful outcomes of any work, but that most people do not know their own voice style of communication and are not able to recognize and engage with the voice styles of others on their team.

Jimmy Bates, founder of AZiMUTH180°, is a certified coach in the 5VS and is passionate about the benefits that improving team communications through 5 Voices can bring to any team, their broader organization and ultimately to their customers.



Learn your voice and understand what it’s like to be on the other side of your leadership.

effective delegation

Delegate more effectively to
save time and increase

Better Alignment

Discover the sweet spots of those on your team, get better aligned, and reach higher levels of performance.

higher performance

Confdently build high-performing teams, rather than hoping people do their jobs well.


clear communication

Communicate what you mean without people taking it the wrong way and getting offended.

quicker decision making

Learn how to listen better, ask helpful questions, and make quicker decisions.


the pioneer

Champion of Results and Progress

Do you approach life with an “Anything is possible!” attitude? Do you believe visioning a new future is always the highest priority? Are you always looking for the quickest, fastest, and most efficient ways so that you can win?


The Nurturer

Champion of People

Are you always concerned about the relational health and harmony of the group? Are you completely committed to protecting values and principles? Do you innately understand how certain actions, behaviors, or initiatives will affect people?


The guardian

Champion of Responsibility and Stewardship

Do you respect and value logic, order, procedure, and process? Do you seek clarity as well as logical and proven decision-making criteria even if you have to ask the tough questions to get there? Do you like to see established track records of success to justify trying something different?


The Creative

Champion of Innovation

Are you an outside the box thinker? Do you always believe things can be better? Do you often ask the question: “Why do people never seem to fully understand my ideas?”


The connector

Champion of Relationships and Strategic Partnerships

Do you rally people to causes and things you believe in? Are you good at building and maintaining large networks of personal and professional relationships? Do you often respond to challenges with: “Whatever we need, I can get it or I have a source”?


Delivery of the 5 workshops over a 5 month period, live to a team or organization. Attendance - up to 50 people at a time. 

ADD Team

As we take the team through the workshops add a second session each month focused on processing and application. Thus we recommend a 6 month program: 2 sessions per month w/the first being a new workshop (120 mins) and the second dedicated to processing (60-90 mins). Final month is wrap-up, celebration, and action plan.

add individual coaching

Individual workshops and a customized coaching experience. This is a 6 month program: 2 sessions per month w/the first being a new workshop (90 mins) and the second dedicated to processing (60-90 mins). Final month is wrap-up, celebration, and action plan for the future.


This can be delivered to any number of people, no limit. We also recommend having the sponsor buy a copy of the 5 Voices book for everyone to add to the experience and takeaway.

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