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Leading in the Digital Age Looks Different

We all know the rules to leading people have changed…

  • Leading teams and people in the digital age requires a deeper understanding of work/life balance in the 24/7/365 landscape.

  • Leaders in the 21st century must lead through influence, not positional power, with a focus on agile teams more than just talented individuals.

  • Learning has become visual and interactive with rapid practical application, especially as teams are more digitally connected and geographically dispersed.


Experience our human-based, technology-driven, approach to leadership development.

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Powerful + Transformative

Promoting personal growth & team performance, our content provides your organization with leadership language that is objective, common, and viral – taught through visual tools are simple, practical, and scalable.


Digital + Interactive

We don’t just train your VPs or Managers. Everything we’ve created is on one platform that every single employee gets access to so that we can effect your organization at the deepest levels.

multiple apps

For Every Situation + Need

There are various apps on our platform for different needs within your organization. From streaming videos, to team assessments, organizational surveys, books, certifications & more.

Jimmy is the Founder and President of AZiMUTH180° a consultancy which unlocks the potential in people. The mission of AZiMUTH180° is to educate, equip, empower and elevate individuals to their full potential. We create self-aware, emotionally intelligent individuals and teams who communicate effectively, and achieve greater alignment, expanded capacity, enhanced performance and stronger relationships.


Jimmy is a certified Guide with GiANT, the world leader in leadership and team performance for the 21st Century. He draws from his 22+ year background of tested  leadership experience in the military to guide his clients on an engaging and transformational journey, to help clients navigate real-world challenges to experience lasting personal and professional growth. He serves businesses, non-profits, government organizations and individuals seeking growth. 


A born and raised Alaskan, Jimmy is most at home in nature and he enjoys hiking, camping and climbing. An avid shooter with a competitive nature, he also competes in Centerfire Biathlons known as "Gun Runs". 

"Jimmy is a true Freedom Fighter."

Jeremie Kubicek

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, GiANT

"A rockstar around leadership."

Doug Hurley

Leadership Coach, Rethink Work

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Snowy Mountains
Jimmy arms crossed.jpg

Founder & President | AZiMUTH180°

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“The skills and relevance from GiANT may be one of the greatest returns on investment you could ever make. If you want to change your culture and become a more effective leader, you cannot err with GiANT."

Mickie Daniell

Team Lead, Georgia Power

"As I've interacted with other leaders in my network, I've already been recommending GiANT to them for one reason: you have to know yourself to lead yourself. This is an axiom that you will hear over and over again because it is so important for us to keep in mind as we are on our leadership journey."

Holly Moore

VP, Growing Leaders

"The way I communicate has already begun to change and how I relate to other people has fundamentally changed. A key component of the process is the GiANT toolkit. It’s a simple, yet visual leadership language that is easy to learn and remember as you’re leading your team. It’s one thing to get the ideas, it’s another thing to understand leadership language, but to communicate that language and actually have it stick and become part of your culture is perhaps the most important."

Travis Dommert

Jackson Healthcare

"I have installed this leadership culture in my company and we saw a 64% increase in revenue production and a 42% increase in capacity. It just plain works."

David Bonney


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