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Image by Nina Luong


Become a 100X Leader

The Intensive process is designed to help you start down the path to becoming 100% healthy as a person and as a leader, and then help you to learn how to multiply (X) and scale that healthy leadership inside your teams and family. Each of these sessions is designed to unpack a different aspect of your leadership to help you understand yourself better, and then equip you with how to use that awareness to make you more effective at everything you do. At the end, we will develop a Gameplan to put what you learn into practice so you can start working toward your personal goals as a 100X Leader.


Your Story is an account of your life and how it has shaped who you are today in terms of how you live, lead, and make decisions. This is the first step to Knowing Yourself to Lead Yourself more effectively.


We will help you build a healthy, effective, and sustainable rhythm for your life and work so you can bring your best in every area of your life.


Everyone has a Voice - a unique style of thinking, leading, and communicating. But most don’t fully understand or utilize it effectively. We use a method called the 5 Voices to help you understand your foundational Voice and how to adapt to use different Voices to connect more effectively with different people.


We will identify the relationships that are most important to your life and work and help you take them to the next level.


We will identify your core motivations and drivers (positive and negative) that most impact your decision-making.


Your action plan to bring this all together and put into practice your most important takeaways.

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