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Honoring Values

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

inclusive leaders
are leaders worth following

A hallmark quality of this type of leader is the ability to recognize, hear and value the unique voices, experiences and contributions of of others.  Learning, growing and becoming an inclusive leader means that the work must start in me.  It means I need to have a vision for liberation - an inclusive culture that allows for every voice, race, gender, age and background to feel psychologically safe and valued for their contribution.


Research shows that leaders who display these inclusive practices and tendencies have genuine influence at home, at work and in their communities.  Inclusive leaders know how to bring the best out of people.


Diversity is the presence of differences that may include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective.  Populations that have been-and remain- underrepresented among practitioners in the field and marginalized in the broader society.


Equity is promoting justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions or systems.  Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of outcome disparities within our society.



Inclusion is an outcome to ensure those that are diverse actually feel and/or are welcomed.  Inclusion outcomes are met when you, your institution, and your program are truly inviting to all.  To the degree to which diverse individuals are able to participate fully in the decision-making processes and development opportunities within an organization or group.


This intentional 4 month process is designed to help you be a more inclusive leader in each circle of influence in your life. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Access to weekly 15-20 minute video training focused on learning & practical tools

  • A weekly Exercise focused on helping you improve your personal & professional inclusive leadership skills and practices

  • A weekly Challenge focused on helping you take what you have learned and impact others immediately

  • Bi-weekly one hour small group coaching sessions aimed at deepening understanding & application while providing accountability on the journey

  • Access to the GiANT platform, including the 5Voices assessment and additional leadership content to enrich and enhance your learning


  • Community.  We're growing together!

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