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I often get asked "what got you into leadership coaching?" If I could summarize that into two words they would be "I remember"

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My Story

I have a long and vivid memory, which has etched forever in my mind the experiences of navigating through challenging leadership situations.

I remember all too well the frustration of having a valuable idea, only to be blocked by a leader's ego.

I remember the pain of enduring a lack of empathy from those in positions of authority.

I remember having so much time wasted due to inefficient leadership.

I remember struggling to navigate my professional growth without proper guidance.

I remember becoming a leader and thinking that I could finally make change only to have my own leadership undermined by those above me. 

I remember not having the necessary time or resources to fight for the greater good of those I lead.

Above all, I remember the sensation of not being heard, valued, or seen, especially on behalf of the men and women that I led due to the counterproductive leadership above and around me. This memory lingers in my mind, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive leadership environment.


In 1999 my journey as a student of leadership began. Throughout my professional career, I frequently encountered instances of counterproductive leadership, which fueled my determination to find a better way. This passionate pursuit led me to actively seek out leadership roles, immersing myself in books and seeking guidance from exceptional leaders. It was during my time in multiple combat zones that I truly learned the transformative power of leadership. The demanding environment forced me to develop leadership skills rapidly, adapting and evolving to meet the challenges at hand. These experiences shaped my understanding of effective leadership and the imperative need for strong, impactful leaders. Motivated by this sense of purpose and extensive knowledge, I am inspired to share my insights, strategies, and expertise as a leadership coach, helping individuals unlock their own leadership potential.

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