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About Us

At Azimuth 180°, we believe in the power of embracing change and continuously striving for personal and professional growth. Just like climbing a mountain, our journey towards self-improvement knows no limits. Our mission is to provide the tools, methodologies, and guidance necessary to help you navigate your own unique path and reach new summits of success. With our expert consultation services and unwavering commitment to your development, we are here to be your trusted companions on this transformative quest. Together, let's embark on a journey of growth, exploration, and the pursuit of your highest potential.

About Jimmy

Founder and Chief Leadership Practitioner

Jimmy is an Infantry Combat Veteran with over 22 years of leadership experience and a passion for unlocking potential in people. As a certified Guide with GiANT Worldwide, he offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate real-world challenges and experience lasting personal and professional growth.

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