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Jimmy's powerful keynotes captivate audiences through authentic storytelling. Drawing from his own transformative journey, he shares impactful anecdotes that inspire personal and professional growth. With a focus on self-reflection, active listening, and resilience, Jimmy leaves your audience motivated and equipped with actionable insights for progress and development.


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Keynote Topics

Peace Index Book

The Peace Index

Bring Jimmy into your team or organization for a Peace Summit. Employees need hope to become engaged teammates. This keynote gives practical steps to improve morale and increase the level of personal peace.


Unleash the Power of Your Voice

Everyone has a unique voice that is needed inside teams and organizations. However, most people rarely know their own voice, let alone how to use it. 

5 Voices Book
100X Leader Book

Power Tools for High Performing Teams

Imagine if a group of people could have a set of power tools that could help them increase their influence, get aligned with each other, and execute with such ease that it taks employee engagement to new levels.

Car Gear Shift

The 5 Gears for Balanced Productivity

Most people have fallen into the habit of being over productive and under present. Over time they actually lose productivity because their workaholism causes them to undermine relationships at home and at work. That drama creates sideways energy which takes away from their work. It doesn’t have to be like that. 

5 Gears Book
100X Leader Book

The 100X Leader

Put together 100X is a formula for leadership success. - Transformation of the Leader and Multipicaiton to those they lead. A Leader Worth Following. 

Support Group

The 5 Code Words of Communication

Every transmission of communication has an expectation behind it. Every expectation has a code word, that if solved will unlock the communication and lead to alignment. Most teams, organizations (and even families) do not know or use the 5 code words for effective communication.

Communication Code Book
100X Leader Book
100X Leader Book


The development of resilience is a multifaceted process which leaders need to be aware of if they are to get the best out of their personnel. The promotion of adaptive “resilient” behaviors is particularly important in high-performance/high-stress organizations.

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